Beat the bloat, blemish and blah – Foods to avoid before your wedding 

Although it’s unhealthy and unnecessary to obsess over every chunk of food that you consume in the last few weeks leading up to your wedding, yet no one wants to be a bloated bride! This is certainly not the daintiest topic on earth but this is undoubtedly something that everyone of us have experienced. It’s […]

The secret behind a charismatic personality – Personality grooming tips 

Have you ever wondered what makes a person popular, impressive and interesting? It is Charisma! Do you have it in you? If answered no, you should feel lucky that charisma is something that can be developed as a learned habit. If you’re asked about the names of some enchanting personalities, who would you think of? […]

A sneak-peak into the sweet and chocolaty features of Android KitKat 4.4 

Recent reports suggest that Google has unveiled a brand new version of Android, its mobile software, on the 31st of October, named Android 4.4 KitKat that featured an intelligent search that can always listen to you. After days of speculation, Google finally took the decision of releasing this newest iteration of its mobile and this […]

Get a head start to your day with 5 essential food items 

It’s definitely not a good idea to rush out of your door in the morning without having something to eat. It’s actually essential that a healthy meal in the morning can ensure you have the right start to your day. The worst part supposedly remains the fact that if you go on to skip your […]

Exploring the enigma of Multiple Personality Disorder 

When Jim drinks apple juice, he’s fine with it. But Jim is one of those dozen personalities who alternate restrain over a patient with multiple personality disorder and when those personalities drink apple juice, the result is a case of blisters and allergic reaction. The allergies will occur even when Jim drinks the apple juice […]

The relentless rapping on your walls – Is it bad plumbing or a mischievous spirit? 

If you’ve recently bought a new house, how would you know if the relentless rapping on your walls is due to bad plumbing or due to an evil spirit? Often we hear heavy footsteps upstairs even when we’re sure that no one is up there. We feel the doors slamming abnormally and distinctive objects disappearing […]

Performing the task of relinquishing some responsibility of your business to others 

Hiring employees for your organization is perhaps one of the most important decision that an entrepreneur can make. Not all tasks can be done by the manager alone and therefore it becomes important to relinquish or surrender some responsibilities to the others. The key to doing the job right involves finding out the right employees […]

Mother-daughter dysfunctions may lead to mom-flicts – Tips to enhance your relation 

Why is a mother-daughter relation such a complex one? While some mothers wish to talk and walk like their adult daughters, some daughters require their mother’s approval and acceptance before they make any move. Maintaining a healthy relationship is itself a challenging task, especially when it is with someone who shares hereditary sensitive skin and […]

Impromptu speeches can rattle the best public speaker – Tips to master the art 

Are you someone who has always been acclaimed as an experienced presenter or savvy on a particular subject? If answered yes, you will probably be given the chance of an impromptu speech at one time or the other. Instead of feeling tongue-tied or declining the offer altogether, don’t you think you should take this positively […]

Don’t fret to seek approval from your seniors – Smart ways to win over your boss 

Although there are reports of an improving economy, there’s no respite to the large number of announcements of corporate layoffs. This is undoubtedly an employer’s market where the seasoned employees as well as the new joiners have to find new ways to impress their boss if they’re keen on holding on to their jobs and […]

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